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Project Successes


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  Management Consulting
  • Created an IT business case and financial analysis for a new desktop and laptop platform at a regional headquarters of 3,000+ installations. Achieved reduced support expenses through external provider and initiated a strategy of a 30-month technology refresh process.

  • Directed the strategy and architectural design to develop and implement an integrated IT infrastructure that provided global, standardized email, desktop, intranet, domain/directory services and telecommunications connectivity to over 70 countries and 40,000 users. Project provided the infrastructure foundation that enabled eBusiness initiatives. Business case justification for this $70M initiative had a ROI of less than 2 years.

  • Planned and implemented the outsourcing of IT Infrastructure for a $3.5B pharmaceutical business unit in the USA. Objectives of establishing a long-term business partner (10 years) and privileged access to new technologies were achieved.

  • Created an IT Infrastructure Organization Transition Plan for the North American region of a global manufacturer. The plan included an executive communications package, timing, roles and responsibilities and justification for a new management structure.
  System and Applications Project Consulting
  • Directed the effort to integrate 9 unique IT infrastructure environments as a result of leading pharmaceutical company merger. Requirement was to provide a single corporate image on "day one" of the approved merger. Included project leadership to assimilate technical teams and external experts from 9 separate companies' to integrate various telecommunications, email, internet/intranet, user access and profiles technologies. Only six months of pre-planning was allowed prior to the approval date of the corporate merger. All entities were integrated to form a single connected infrastructure and corporate identity within 36 hours of the official approval of the merger. Over 70 countries, 62,000 users, 800 mail servers and 7 world-wide telecommunications networks were affected.

  • Directed the effort to implement SAP within the North America region for a leader in the pharmaceutical industry. The project integrated finance, procurement, manufacturing, order fulfillment and human resource applications within various North American locations. Team consisted of over 150 business and technical resources. Project cost $31M and was completed in 15 months.
    Provided project office and integration services to a leading manufacturer of printing presses to manage the coordination of various IT infrastructure projects. Projects include simultaneously upgrading the infrastructure supporting over 20,000 users in 40 countries. Transforming from various legacy platforms to a standardized Microsoft Windows 2000 platform including desktops, email, domain and directory services.
  Business Process Design
  • Increased efficiency and speed by re-engineering the raw-materials procurement process. Solution included implementing an automated faxing for procurement transactions that was paperless, utilizing online fax capabilities via the email system with a direct link to/from the ERP software. Result was faster procurement of goods & services, improved vendor relations and a reduction in paper-based processes.

  • With the implementation of an online travel & expense system, reimbursement to company associates occurred in less than 48 hours. This effort also enabled the business units to track level of business activity from various service providers, assisted in vendor contract negotiations and realized true savings to the company via discounted payments and rates.
  Technology Solutions and Implementation Services
  • Provided technical design and implementation services to deliver an integrated unified messaging solution. A global implementation in 8 countries provides users with the ability to send and receive external faxes via MS Exchange. These faxes are incorporated in the users' email inbox, thus providing a single source of electronic communication. Business applications requiring electronic faxing also utilize this infrastructure to exchange information and transactions to external partners.
    Designed and implemented a mobility architecture for a multi-billion dollar corporation. Solution allows secured wireless access to corporate applications including email. With the use of the Wireless Knowledge Workstyle gateway, users can access corporate information using the wireless device of their choice including iPaq, Palm, pocket PC's, RIM, internet appliances, WAP and GSM mobile phones and laptops.

  • Provided technical design and development services to global corporations investing in standardization of desktop platforms world-wide. A member of a global technical team assigned to deliver a "single software image" utilizing the Microsoft Windows 2000 and XP platforms. Image utilized the Microsoft Multilingual User Interface, creating a common core of software applications in English with local language packs added to support the specific countries being deployed. "Single image" standardizations of desktops are in process at corporations with over 40,000 and 20,000 users world-wide.

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